Specializing in digital assets investing

01 — Background

We are investors driven by our commitment to a digital assets future

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Our parent company Aquanow is a leading technology and infrastructure provider enabling digital assets for financial institutions around the world. We build on Aquanow expertise, platform, and community to manage digital assets investment solutions.
02 — Core Values

Our core values shape
our journey


We thrive on the industry’s passion for innovation, and adapt with openness and action.


We leverage our capabilities and partnerships to achieve success for our clients.


We are privileged to serve our clients and uphold their trust with respect and transparency.

03 — Leadership

Our team combines digital assets expertise with backgrounds from finance, technology, and academia.

Phil Sham


Michael Kwok, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Sebastien Davies, CFA

Market Strategist

Yoontae Jeon, PhD

Head of Research

Alexandra Mosiichuk

Investment Associate
04 — Press

In the news

Press/media contact

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